About SBW

         Established in 1934, the Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation (SBW) dedicates itself to the research, development, design, and manufacturing of turbomachinery including centrifugal/axial/reciprocating compressors, centrifugal blowers and pumps. The main areas of its application are oil & gas, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, etc.

        Through continuous investments in facilities and product development, SBW has achieved a dominant position in both Chinese and overseas market.  

        Nowadays, SBW has 80% of China’s local market share and has installations in over 40 countries.


Basic data:

Area total: 1.6 million m2

Employee:   More than 6,500.

Production equipment:

More than 2000 Machining equipment.

Testing capacity:

More than  30 test beds with capacity upto 100,000KW


MAC180 Rotor assembly in shop.jpg

SBW, a top manufacturer delivers 300+ large gas compressors per year.

SBW has developed a wide range of new products, including  25MW high speed natural gas pipeline booster compressor,  1.5 million tons/year ethylene plants centrifugal compressors,  2.5 million tons/year methanol plants compressors and key compression equipment for refineries up to 40 million tons/year capacity, as well as air separation plants capacity up to 150,000 Nm3/h of oxygen.  


ISO 9001: 2008

ISO 14000: 2004

ISO 12012: 2003




Shenyang Headquarters

Tel.: +86-24-25800089

E-mail: info@sbw-turbo.com

Adress: No. 16A Development Road,

Economic & Technical Development Zone,

Shenyang, China - 110869 

09- Propene Compressor for Sinopec Zhenh

South & Southeast Asia Area

Mr. Song Liu 

Tel.: +86 - 18540022809 / +91-9830031086

E-mail: song.liu@sbw-turbo.com

Mr. Mohit Mohan Baksi 
Director, Technical & Business Development

SBW India office, Kolkata 

Mob : +91-9546468656/ +91-9431706971

​E-mail: baksimohit@sbw-turbo.com

Russia & Middle Asia Area

Mr. Yudong Li

Tel.: +86-18540022823

E-mail: yudong.li@sbw-turbo.com

Mr. Petr Lonskoy

SBW Russia Office

Tel.:  +7(495) 748-56-48 ext.5220

Mob.: +7(967)-124-06-99

E-mail: petr.lonskoy@sbw-turbo.com

The Americas

Mr. Anding Xiang


E-mail: anding.xiang@sbw-turbo.com

SBW Brazil:

Mr. Marcelo Accorsi Miranda

Tel.: +55 (21) 31732088 / (21) 99311-5230


SBW Mexico

Mr. Francisco Lopez 

Tel: +52-352-1004993

Email: fcolopez@turbomaquinas.com

001a- Cracking gas compressor for SINOPE

East Asia Area

Mr. Jin Huang

Tel.: +86-18540022808 / +86-24-25801772

E-mail: jin.huang@sbw-turbo.com

Middle East & Europe Area

Mr. Qiming Chen

Tel.: +86-18540022810

E-mail: qiming.chen@sbw-turbo.com


Mr. Tony Parish

Tel.: +44 (0) 7715055317

E-mail: tony.parish@sbw-turbo.com